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What If You Only Eat Sugar For 60 Days Straight

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How Much Sugar Can You Eat Before It Destroys Your Body.
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If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s treats. Oh, we know you’re just like us Brainiacs! Be it ice cream, brownies, cookies, candy, or who could forget donuts, we love to wolf them down any chance we get. But here’s the thing, we all know eating these highly sugary snacks is bad for us. So why do we continue to do it? What makes us crave sugar so much? And what does it do to the human body? We all have heard that gaining weight is a side effect, but what are the other consequences? We’ll even take it one step further, what would happen if someone just cut loose and ate nothing but sugar for 60 days straight? Brainiacs, today we are learning all there is to know about ingesting too much of those delicious white crystals known as sugar, and what are the consequences of putting yourself on a strictly sugar only diet. Believe us, it isn't pretty or healthy. We even have one story of a man who ACTUALLY did this in real life. And he lived to tell the tale, although his body definitely wasn’t too happy with him afterwards. So grab the nearest donut from your local donut shop and be sure to get a large of your favorite caramel latte with two extra packs of sweet and low, although after today’s video you may think it’s best NOT to do this, and get ready to learn exactly what happens to the body when it is fed nothing but sugar over two months.

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