Incident Mediation & Assistance

Because of sensitive nature of consent and violations, we have found an independent mediator to assist in accepting, investigating, and resolving incident reports. This mediator is not an employee of Just Magical Events, and correspondence with them is completely outside any company access or files. Should you wish to contact them, you may do so with the following contact information, or use the form.

Lucus Bonvallet
Independent Mediator
[email protected]

“I have over 6 years of experience in incident mediation, investigation, & dispute resolution for publicly-traded companies and corporations and over 10 years of mediation for private citizens. I am kink and poly friendly. I value trust, safety, communication and privacy. With these values, I believe that most conflicts can be civilly discussed and an agreement reached.”

Anonymous Reports

If you wish to send a report anonymously, there are several links below that will assist you in doing so, including providing temporary email addresses.

The following are private browsers that you can use, as well:

The form below also has an option for doing so, you you can provide your contact information, should you choose.

Report Form