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7 Kidney Friendly Foods that NEVER EXPIRE You Should Stock Up Right Now

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7 Kidney-Friendly Foods that Never Expires to Stock Up
* The Program to Repair the Kidneys - http://www.nhfkp.com/kidney

Today’s top 7 is going to be really interesting
Because people with kidney disease have really hard times finding healthy foods even during peaceful times #kidneyfoods
And when problems arise, things can get even harder.
So, watch today’s video very carefully
and send it to anyone you know who suffers from kidney disease #kidneyrepair
Knowing what foods to stock up right now can help them too.

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The 7 foods of today’s video are also low in sodium, potassium and phosphorus,
so you can add them to your #renaldiet without problems!

Disclaimer: seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action based on the info provided on this channel.

Even if I haven’t seen any real food shortages till now, going to the supermarket is always more difficult and dangerous. This is especially true for people more at risk, like those over 60 or with health problems, kidney disease included. #kidneydisease
People are waiting hours to get in supermarkets and you don’t find everything on the shelves anymore.
So here is my top 7 of healthy kidney friendly foods with a Long shelf life you can actually eat if you have kidney disease. #reversekidneydisease

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I will be as clear as possible and I will show you how much phosphorus, potassium and sodium is present in the foods I will be showing you.
Just remember that, before incorporating anything new in your renal diet, you should talk to your dietician or to your doctor.

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