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7 Foods to Lose Belly Fat Forever | Lose Belly Fat And Keep It Off For Life | Urdu/Hindi

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Weight loss has been shown time and time again to reduce visceral fat, the “deep fat” or fat around the organs that is a likely cause of insulin resistance.
Most diets for weight loss work, but the key is finding dietary changes that you can see yourself sticking with for life. Unfortunately, most people who lose substantial weight on a diet will regain that weight within two years.
Whether you choose a low-carbohydrate diet, a low-fat diet, a meal replacement program, or intermittent fasting, choose one that you can see yourself sticking to for the long haul.
Research is examining if certain diets are better for those with pre-existing insulin resistance, but the jury is still out on which one might be best.
We do know is that if you lose weight and keep it off by sticking to a dietary regimen, you will have improved insulin sensitivity. Try to change your lifestyle by adding these foods into your diet.
#7- Cheese
#6- Butter/Olive Oil/Coconut Oil
#5- Green Vegetables
#4- Avocado
#3- Eggs
#2- Chicken
#1- Beef
Weight loss is the foundation for reducing insulin resistance.Matching insulin dose to a diet that yields weight loss should be the gold standard.

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